Business Network Solutions

Business Network Solutions
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An efficient network is the backbone of your IT & Communication infrastructure.

Celluco helps to design, deploy and maintain a customised network solution that suit your requirement.

We are partners with industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, Procurve, and Juniper and utilise their world class resources and equipment when designing and delivering solutions.

Local Area Network (LAN) Solutions


A system that links together electronic office equipment, such as computers and word processors, and forms a network within an office or building.
Celluco able to provide design and implementation solutions from group-up and/or provide solutions to existing networks, depending on your requirement.




Wide Area Network (WAN) Solutions


Interconnecting multiple company sites on a WAN is now a common practice, as is connecting the corporate network to the Internet, partners and customers.




Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless Network Solutions

A wireless connection is one in which the function of a physical connection, such as a cable, is replaced by an alternate means of communication without the need for the cable.
Unlimited access to business applications is becoming essential. Wireless LANs are increasingly being used to provide flexible network connectivity.
Wireless solutions are typically deployed internally, usually within an office or factory environment, although they can be installed externally to provide short-range connectivity to mobile users.