Business Maintenance Outsourcing

Business Maintenance Outsourcing
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Today’s business environment requires companies to be more reliant on IT systems than ever before.
Celluco advocates the right of customers to choose and design their own maintenance support packages based on the customers’ business urgencies, IT environment and available resources.
Celluco also provides guaranteed service levels that ensure your IT systems are running smoothly and meet your demands for IT availability. approach to service and support.



Preventive Maintenance Agreement
A PMA helps you control your IT maintenance expenses. With a PMA, you don’t wait until it breaks to fix, because when it breaks, it costs more in time and money to get it fixed. Once you decide that Celluco’s PMA is the way to go, one of our engineers will go through all your IT assets, their age, usage habits and your busi-nesses’ immediate to medium term expectations.
Once we have this information, we will provide you with a written assessment and a preventative maintenance plan for a 12 month period.
Usually a PMA will include a set number of hours spent every week or fortnight on maintenance of your IT assets (depends on your business requirements) It can be keeping your server secure, up to date with security patches, antivirus definitions and other service packs. Same goes with your workstations/ laptops.Celluco can remotely manage and perform these services, reducing travel time and passing the cost savings to you.However, as a customer with a PMA, if any of your hardware fails and needs immediate on-site attention, you got the highest priority. Celluco guarantees, depending on your agreement, for a engineer to be on-site when needed within just 4 hours and standby 24 hours and 7 a days.
If you like to know more about our preventative maintenance agreements, please feel free to contact us.

AC-Hoc Maintenance
Ad-hoc on-site service is best for small businesses with less than three computer systems and no servers.
Once you register your business with Celluco for ad-hoc service plan, your business gets the second highest priority for any urgent on-site service requirements. Usually a engineer will be on-site within 4 hours from the time of notification.