Infrastructure Systems Solutions

Infrastructure Systems Solutions
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Celluco’s focuses on providing a strong foundation for all of your information technology needs. Our goal is to help you meet your business objective by understanding the role that technology plays in achieving those objectives, and then develop and deploy a solution that strengthens this key area of your business.
We operate as an extension of your business by providing a consistent level of support, matching the skill set of our team members with your organization’s unique requirements.



Email Messaging Solutions


For any business today, e-mail is the undoubtedly mission-critical com-munications tool.
Success or failure of a sale can largely depend on time-ly communications.
Today electronic communication requirements are much greater that being able to send and receive emails.
Business of all sizes can have access to feature rich and efficient messaging systems that integrates complete CRM functions and also has the ability to access using myriad of devices such as laptops, PDAs, Smart Phones… and in fact from any device that is connected to the internet.Talk to us about an messaging solution that suits your business requirements. Always deliver within budget and on time.

Microsoft Active Directory Solution


Microsoft Active Directory service provides single-logon capability and a central repository for information for your entire infrastructure, vastly simplifying user and computer management and providing superior access to networked resources.Celluco implemented a system to support improved security and simplified audit of your organization’s Active Directory infrastructure!